Wetlook Beauty

This ist the first portrait of my wonderful wetlook & raw beauty series with this great model. Shot it available light I did only some beauty retouching in photoshop and some changes in color temperature.

Vampire Warrior

Inspired by the Underworld Movies, this is the first hot and aggressive portrait picture with a new model I shot this month. This was photographed with available light, changed the color temperature and did some retouching with Photoshop. More to come…

Exploring the Dark

This is a new and hot available light shot from my on location adventure series, this time with another super sexy and beautiful model posing in army clothing with a Maglite in her hands. The lens flares are original from the Maglite, no Photoshop there.

Fashion Dominance

This is another super sexy photo from my last photoshooting with model Janga, this time in a more nude fashion way. Stay tuned for some more photos in this style.


One last composing from my fantastic and crazy urban fighter photoshoot with these two model. This time during the attack – using a great background stock photo of BrownzArt.

Beauties Sword

This shot was photographed during an older photoshoot I had with wonderful model MoonyMara – this time in a fantastic Latex Dress and a sword. Picture from our newest photoshoot are in the editing process. They will be posted very soon!

Jeans N Tattoos

This is another wonderful and sexy portrait shot of the fantastic tattoo model Celina Blanchette photographed during the last summer days in a beautiful outdoor location.

Fighter Babe

This is the first picture of my again fantastic photoshoot with model Moony Mara – this time exploring the dark floor in a sexy fighter dress. The light flares are real and not added by photoshop. This is an available light shot why the direct light of the Maglite was pretty enough to get the…

Dark Floor Beauty

Today a latecomer from from my fantastic portrait photoshoot with Anna Model, shot here again in the cellar floor with available light. Thanks for this fantastic shooting!

Hot N Cool Fighter

This ist the first shot from my super hot and sexy erotic art photoshoot with this beautiful new model. It was our premiere shooting with a lot of fun an very cool shots. So keep reading the blog for more in the near future.

Western Beauty

Zum Wochenabschluss noch ein cooles u. sexy Portrait aus einem schon etwas zurückliegenden Shooting, bei dem auch dieses Regenbild entstanden ist:


For today another super sexy and tough roller skates fightergirl portrait shot on location with this fantastic model. The lighting here came again from on speed light and the available light, edited with Adobe Lightroom and Photoshop to soften the picture a little bit and to bring in the tone and enhance the lighting.