Natural Joy

During my first nude & erotic art photoshoot with this fantastic model we made some sexy hot pictures  in available light too. Here again in the style of my wetlook raw series with a very low perspective. More from this set will come the next days.

Riot Girl

I’ve already posted one shot from this shooting from a fighter setting. This shot was taken in front of our white studio wall and I love the cool and sexy look here. More to come…

Sexy #Selfie

This is another super sexy and beautiful shot from our seconds photoshoot. This time it is some sort of making-of while model MoonyMara is talking a real selfie with the Fuji Instax Mini 90. And this is the one of the original selfies (well, o.k., from another scene): Oh! If you are interested to buy…

Vampire Warrior

This is another shot from my last Vampire Fantasy Shooting – this time not on location but as composing, using one of the fantastic stock pictures of BrownzArt. I have extended the vampire fangs  a bit and did the usual retouching.

Sweet, Messy & Sexy Fun

Today some sunday shooting fun we had by photographing this sweet pudding mess in the studio last month. No big art, but for sure a lot of fun. Thanks to the model for the great shooting! 🙂

Autumn Jeans

One last photo from a fantastic autumn shooting day with this fantastic model shot at Rosenhöhe Darmstadt.

Shower Love

This is the first super sexy picture from my fantastic lingerie photoshoot with these to wonderful models. Here in the shower, illuminated by one speed light with softbox and very less available light. I love the erotic imagination this scene produces in viewers minds.

Sexy Explorer

This is a new and sexy picture from my newest fightergirl photoshoot – this time with another new and very cool model. Here on location with very nice light effects comming through the maglite illuminating the scene giving extra light to the available light photography.

Erotic Mortification

This is the first erotic bdsm picture our of my fantastic nude art photoshoot with this awesome model. No political nor religious statement – just erotic art playing with the imagination in your mind.