Sexy Shooter

Another shot from my first shooting with this fantastic model. This time simply in front of my white studio wall. I love the tough but sexy look here.

Erotic Power

This mega hot and sexy photo was shot in a row of other powerful shots during my fantastic erotic photo session with this fantastic model. Here again in an elevator with frontal flash light illuminating the metal room giving the picture a very bright mood with all the reflections. Combined with the energy of the…

Summer Fashion

Today fashion – this fantastic summer fashion photo was shot end of september at the entrance of Rosenhöhe Park in Darmstadt by using only the available sunlight. Belichtung: 1/80 Sek bei f / 7.1 Empfindlichkeit: ISO 400 Brennweite: 36mm Blitz: no flash

Fuck you’re Hot

This was shot in available sunlight coming through the window of this fantastic location, illuminating the beauty of this fantastic model. I really love the romantic and beauty light situation and the sexy style of this hot loose top and jeans paired with the wonderful posing of the model.

Erotic Nobless

This is another shot from my fantastic, hot and erotic boy-girl photoshoot mid of this year. This time a sexy love scene in front of a big BMW X6 illuminating the scene giving great light reflexes to the camera. This was shot with one front flash. But the main light came from big windows letting…

Bad Angel

A while ago my wonderful blonde model and I had a lot of fun doing some sexy bad angel lingerie photos in the studio.

Romantic Jeans

This composing was shot some months ago with one of my beautiful regular models. I love the combination of nakedness and jeans. The floor is original as photographed, the background was added with photoshop, including the romantic lighting and tone.

10 Fakten nach 10 Monaten Analogfotografie

Es ist langsam Zeit, nach vier Monate Analogfotografie-Experiment mal ein paar Fakten aufzuzählen, warum das Experiment absolut geglückt ist und die Analogfotografie mich gefangen hat. Ich habe… für kleines Geld 6 neue coole Kameras. insgesamt über 60 Filme verschossen. neue Freunde kennen gelernt. 2 Filme komplett versaut. viele neue Eindrücke der Fotografie gesammelt. festgestellt, dass…

Hot N Cool

This super cool and sexy portrait was shot in an elevator using the reflexions of the metal surroundings and the mirror. I love this double portrait game, the cold metal setting in combination of this wonderful cool model. I used a studio flash with beauty dish here for lighting, the original elevator light was to…